Working with us as a virtual assistant is not limited to helping out with tasks to improve productivity. There are other opportunities like ‘iCreate’, which support our members with up to $650 to fund their business ideas.

Occasionally, we also have our ‘bonding week’ where members get to connect directly with the Primmer team via Zoom to share insights and explore cross-border opportunities. These are exclusive benefits available to working members only.

In a few minutes, you will receive your membership ID and a link to create your work email. These will be required to execute any given tasks on Primmer.

What VA's do...

Once onboarded as a VA, your key tasks will be mainly transcription and simplification of inquiries to help the support team.

We enable audio submission of inquiries from our priority clients, so the transcription entails listening to these audio files and transforming them to a written version in a bid to help our support team work much faster. We’d suggest you get headphones handy.

Inquiry simplification is essentially a process whereby a VA receives a lengthy text inquiry and summarizes same to a shorter version to save processing time. This is basically the reason we require English proficient applicants and we look forward to a great work from you.

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