Super fast SMTP relay mail forwarding from your alias

No Additional Mailbox

Manage all affairs from your primary mail interface

Password Not Required

Access to your mail or passwords will not be required to use this service

Apt Control

Finally! An email you can turn off & back on or replace when you wish to manage accessibility


Reliable uplink time

Curb email identity theft

With primmer, you don’t just get a premium & classy email that makes you standout. Our exclusive service of extra outbound encryption ensures your primary email is shielded from the world & never exposed…

Advanced Encryption Standard

Feel safer & secure sharing your email

You can set up multiple email addresses (also known as routers) for various purposes and have them all redirect to your primary email with no technical expertise. We do all the heavy lifting for you on our servers to ensure you are protected from spams, trojan horses, unwitting malwares & phishing attacks…


Fast & affordable

Get primmer today for just $0.50cents/month.

Our mail routing service is not just affordable but super fast. It actually takes only about 45seconds for an email sent to your email routing address to be encrypted and delivered to your primary email, which implies; zero human interaction & absolutely no access to your mail content.


Keen on cybersecurity

  • Privacy focused
  • Disposable addresses
  • Enterprise grade protection against phishing, malware, viruses, and spam.
  • Protection from email based cyber attacks
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